Sunday, 8 May 2016

Children's Dental Sealants

An Easy Preventive Treatment

As children often miss areas of tooth surface when brushing, decay will be the result from the bacteria, acid, and plaque that build up. But we are happy to offer a very effective way to help prevent the onset of decay in natural, permanent teeth. One application of a dental sealant will make a big difference in cavity prevention. This is how it works: 

After all the teeth are properly cleaned and meticulously sterilized, one thin coating of the sealant is applied to all surfaces of teeth. It is a clear or white varnish that isn't easily seen. With a curing light, the dentist bonds the sealant to the teeth. The painless procedure takes just a few minutes to complete. Equally as important, no shots are given, no drilling is needed, and no tooth reduction is necessary. We highly recommend this treatment as the best preventive measure for children and adolescents to preserve their natural teeth.

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